And off comes the face mask. Well, sort of. Depends on many factors like where you reside or visit, and what any establishment you visit decides to mandate. It all seems a bit confusing and maybe even uncomfortable for me.

If you have been vaccinated and have gone past the 2 week waiting period, the federal government says you are free to take off your mask both outdoors and indoors. But not all states are ready to take off that face mask, so I think confusion may ensue. And I worry that people will look at me with doubt as to whether I am fully vaccinated or not, if I'm no longer wearing a face mask.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo says the mask mandate is still in place until he and his administration review the federal government's decision and consults with health officials in states around New York. But if not, you are still required to wear that face mask.

Pennsylvania on the other hand, has declared that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear face masks in uncrowded situations indoors or outdoors, but the states  face mask requirement is still in place for unvaccinated people.

I will be at a wedding in Pennsylvania this month, and I'm sure the new federal and state directive is a big sigh of relief for those attending the event. I'm excited to be getting back to a somewhat normal routine.

But my question is, will people who are not yet fully vaccinated or refuse to get vaccinated, follow these rules? And if not, how would anyone know outside of asking for proof?

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Would you ask a person if they have been fully vaccinated? Not me. I will follow the rules as they pertain to me, but I'm not about to get into someone's face and act like I'm the vaccination police. Getting back to a more normal life will be a good thing, and I hope we can all put this whole pandemic thing to rest soon. Now, I have to be aware of my breath again. Time to dig out the breath mints and gum.

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