I have the best job. No, seriously. I actually get paid to be online watching videos and checking out funny stories for hours at a time. My job is definitely an exception to the rule because most workplaces don't allow their employees to watch videos, but I 'm thinking maybe it would be beneficial for them if they did!

I'm not saying this is going to work (because there's a good chance it won't), but the next time your boss catches and reprimands you for watching videos at work, you can share this little tidbit with him. According to the Journal of Business and Psychology, employees who break up the monotony of their day by watching funny videos online are actually more productive and end up working longer hours than people who don’t get to spend time online during the work day.

The researchers found that people who were able to squeeze some humor into their day are better able to hit the reset button and take on their work with more energy and enthusiasm.

In simpler words: watching funny cat videos or videos of babies laughing (my favorite) in the middle of your workday will actually make your job more enjoyable and your productivity will go through the roof.

This will help you get started. Happy giggling!

[via Today/Journal of Business and Psychology]