This summer has been an interesting season with the crazy weather we've been experiencing. By that, I mean rain.

But despite the gloomy rain filled days, there have been plenty of days with no precipitation, and when that happens at the campground I frequent on weekends and vacations, one of the most fun things for me to do, is sit by a roaring campfire, sipping on a cold, frosty beverage while hanging with friends and family.

There is one drawback. It's when I've built the perfect fire, and had no one around to enjoy it with me. Sitting by yourself at a campfire has it's limitations, and then it becomes boring.

And there have been times I've thought about building a fire, but am not in the mood to do the work, so I go in search of another camper who already has a nice roaring fire in progress. Nothing wrong with that, right? Of course, I come prepared with a cooler full of beer. What's a fire without beer?

The combination of a campfire, friends and your favorite beverages on a clear night full of stars is about as close to heaven as I'm going to get, but at least I got to experience it many times in my life.

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