If you like beer and you liked the taste of Carvel's Fudgie The Whale ice cream cake, you might have to take a trip to the Lawrence Brewing Company. According to the New York Post, Carvel has teamed up with the brewing company from Elmsford New York to create Fudgie The Whale Cake themed beer. It's 6% alcohol by volume and the Lawrence Brewing Company says it pairs well with chocolate desserts and smoked foods. How popular is Fudgie The Beer? The first batch sold out the same day it went on sale. According to the New York Post, the next batch will be ready on June 15th. So far the beer is only available at Captain Lawrence beer hall in Elmsford, but I would have to think eventually this might become available everywhere.

I love ice cream cake. I've loved them ever since the first time I tried one. Still to this day, when it comes to getting a cake for my birthday, I remind Chris how much I love ice cream cakes.

When I was younger I didn't care for the chocolate crunchy things in between the vanilla and chocolate ice cream. But, as I grew older, I started to enjoy those as well. I remember watching TV as a kid and seeing the commercials for Carvel with Fudgie The Whale and their ice cream cake named Cookie Puss, and wishing we had a Carvel in my hometown.

Next time I'm heading down towards the Hudson Valley I might have to stop by and try one of these beers.  Road trip anyone?

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