There was a recent article I was talking about on my morning show about the reasons we get into a bad mood.

One of the top reasons given was not eating enough fruits and vegetables. So why aren’t we eating more good foods like salads with fresh lettuce, garden grown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and more.

There are farmers markets all over our area full of fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables, these foods are not only good for your physical health, they are equally as good for your mental health.

The internet if filled with great recipes to enhance your good food experience.

We have grown our own vegetables for a few years so we'll cook up some squash, eat some tomatoes and cucumbers, and we also buy local from the area farmers markets, you can't beat fresh produce, it's the best by far.

We’still have a few good months of summer and several chances to BBQ, so might I suggest you stop by a produce stand, grab some fresh veggies and some fruit, and enjoy a good meal this week along with your burgers, steaks, chicken etc.