With the wind chill warning in effect for our area and the possibility of the windchill blowing to 35 degrees below zero, you might want a refresher course on frostbite, how to prevent it and how to spot it.

We've all been outside in the cold as kids so long that our toes went numb, we couldn't feel our hands, and even the tips of our ears would sting a little bit. I remember after sleigh riding all day going inside and still not being able to feel my toes for a couple of hours. As a kid, it didn't seem to be that big of a deal, but frostbite is not something to take lightly. It could lead to amputation of a body part which has been affected.

According to WebMD; you should stay alert for exposed skin that starts to look red. It might burn, prickle, throb or sting, these are the first signs that frostbite is starting to set in. If you experience any of these symptoms, or you experience the lack of feeling in a body part that's been exposed to the cold, head inside immediately. They also tell you to dress in layers and what kind of materials those layers should be made of. WebMD's website also has important information on how to treat frostbite until you can get medical attention.

Again with the wind chill at 35 below zero, any exposed skin is susceptible to frostbite in just ten minutes or less. Make sure you heed this warning and click on the WebMD link if you need more info regarding frostbite.

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