I belong to a lot of groups on Facebook. Most of the groups are ones I somehow randomly got added to and never seem to remove myself from but there’s one group that I requested to join and I follow religiously. It’s a group for people who shop at a certain chain grocery store and who are looking for incredible deals.

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At this particular grocery store chain, if you want to use a cart (pre-pandemic, now they just hand a sanitized cart to you), you have to pop in a quarter to release the cart and then when you return it, you get your quarter back. A hot item at this store is embroidered coin holders that you attach to your keychain and although I’ve been checking for one at our local stores for years, I’ve never found one.

Cue the special Facebook group that I belong to. One of the members found the motherload of the special coin holders and was handing them out like candy with one catch...she was giving them away to people who replied with random facts she didn’t already know. Guess who won a key chain? Yep, this girl!

Whether you love to soak up random bits of information or are wanting something to tuck away for a future contest, I’ve got you covered.

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