I've been on the radio for a few years, talking to lots of people, but actually I consider myself a bit shy. I'd rather listen than talk. Kind of weird for a radio personality who also blogs several times a week and is in front of an audience quite often.

You find that same trait with lots of people who are in the music, TV and movie business. Not everyone in the entertainment business is as outgoing as someone like David Lee Roth, right?

Well, that's one thing you may not have known about me. Here are 5 more!

  • Photo by: ddea, ThinkStock
    Photo by: ddea, ThinkStock

    Not a Northern Boy

    Well, technically, even though I've spent all but 3 years of my life in the Southern Tier of New York, I was born on an army base - Fort Hood, Texas. As you know, everything is tall in Texas, so I was kicked out because I was too short. Yea, that's not true.

  • Photo by: LoopAll, ThinkStock
    Photo by: LoopAll, ThinkStock

    A Movie Freak

    What do you do with your down time? If it's November through April (the cold/inside all the time months), I like to sit back and take in a movie (usually at home.) Whether it's a 'check your brain at the door' type, or a good thriller or Sci-Fi flick, it's a great way to get rid of any stress, at least for a couple of hours.

  • Photo by: Paul Brennan, ThinkStock
    Photo by: Paul Brennan, ThinkStock

    Spend Lots Of Time At A Campground

    The other 6 months of the year? Yes, I will be at the campground as much as possible. I own (or actually the banks owns) a travel trailer, and I have a seasonal site at a campground in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. It's peaceful, relaxing, nice neighbors and a refrigerator full of beer centrally located near the fire pit. That's how I roll.

  • Photo By: Les Lee, Getty Images
    Photo By: Les Lee, Getty Images

    Adopt Greyhounds

    I adopted my first Greyhound about 15 years ago. At that time I didn't know anything about the breed, but quickly fell in love with these awesome creatures. I even fostered for a while. I think the number was around 35 over the course of several years, and everyone of them got adopted. Adopt one, they are amazing animals.

  • Photo by: Sneksy, ThinkStock
    Photo by: Sneksy, ThinkStock

    Wanted to Be an Architect

    Yep. Studied architecture in high school, and a bit in college until I discovered the college radio station. It was all downhill from there...lol! Actually, I think I would have failed miserably in the field of architecture. You really wouldn't want to be inside of a building I designed, would you? I wouldn't.

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