I remember last year when the pandemic had taken control of our lives, one of the topics of discussion was what would happen with the upcoming pro football season?

With so many things and events cancelled or to be cancelled shortly, the league wasn't sure what would become of the season either, but they got to work on how things could turn out.

And as it turned out, the season went on with few issues, outside of allowing few or no fans in the stands. It was great to see the experiment work for the two Buffalo Bills playoff games, letting a limited number of fans into the stands as well as the big game did.

There have been a lot of differing opinions concerning the big game on Sunday about how it all played out. A great game, a boring game, a game with that quarterback that I wanted to lose, a game with that quarterback that I wanted to win, and on and on.

Personally, I rooted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since they were the underdog, and the underdog won, so yea, I'm happy, regardless of the lopsided score. So now that football, both college and pro is done for the next several months, what do we football fans look forward to now?

Well, if you are like me and love sports in general, basketball and hockey are in the heat of their season and there's some good stuff going on with both sports. And pro baseball will begin spring training on February 27th. And for me, that is more a sign of spring than any old groundhog.

The great thing about being a sports fan is, when one sport ends for the season, there's always other great sporting events to take it's place, that is except for golf. Watch

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