The first two days of our annual food Drive for Broome County CHOW - Food-A-Bago, has been very successful. Thanks to everyone who have stopped by so far with non-perishable food and monetary dontions.  We continue to be in awe of the kindness and generosity of people in Broome County and beyond.

You'll find us in the Hillcrest RV camper in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market, 1290 Upper Front Street Binghamton through Monday morning November 11th.

Check out the photos from the Whale Facebook Page.

Every year, we get asked what kind of food Broome County CHOW is most in need of. The short answer is "everything" Everything non-perishable, that is.

To be more specific, here are some of the food items that Broome County CHOW could use:
Boxed or canned pasta
Pasta sauce
Canned tuna and other canned meats
Baby food and formula
Peanut butter
Canned vegetables
Boxed or bagged cereal
Ramen noodles
Canned fruits and fruit cups in plastic containers
Condiments – salt, peppel Catsup, etc.
Jello and pudding mix
Powdered milk
Boxed stuffing
Boxed mashed potatos
Meal kits (like hamburger helper)
Coffee and coffee filters
Gravy mix
Flour and sugar
Biscuit mix
Canned soups
Bagged and boxed rice
Breakfast/granola bars
Fruit snacks or other treats for kids

Fruit & Vegetable Groups
Canned vegetables
Vegetable juice
Diced tomatoes
Tomato juice
Tomato sauce
Spaghetti sauce
Canned fruit (in its own juice)
Fruit juice (100%)
Dried fruit
Shelf-stable fruit cups

Grain Group
Whole grain crackers
All types of pasta
Low sugar cereal
Cream Of Wheat
Whole grain rice

Protein Group
Canned tuna fish
Canned salmon
Canned chicken
Canned bean soup
Canned baked beans
Dried and canned beans and peas
Canned chili
Canned beef stew
Peanut butter

Milk Group
Dry milk
Evaporated milk
Boxed shelf-stable milk
Meals in a can (stew, chili, soup)
Tuna and canned meat
Peanut butter
Canned foods with pop-top lids
Low-sugar cereals
100% fruit juices in single serving boxes
Canned fruit packed in juice
Canned vegetables (low salt)

Powdered infant milk or soy based formulas (WIC-approved preferred)
Baby cereal
Baby fruits
Baby vegetables
Baby Meats
Baby Food must be in complete, undamaged original packaging. No individual serving glass or plastic containers unless in an unopened case.

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