My wife Chris and I go to the New York State Fair just about every year. She likes to do some shopping and look at the animals, and I like to eat. I always go and get an ear of the roasted corn fresh off the roaster dipped in a gallon of butter and I put different toppings on it. That's awesome. I also walk around and look for different sandwiches and stuff to try you know, just for something different. I saw where the Texas State Fair releases a list of very interesting creations. Including deep fried Fruit Loops, beer battered beef jerky, and funnel cake bacon queso burgers.

According to D Magazine, The Texas State Fair is famous for being the birthplace of some crazy food creations. Their fair starts on September 29th. and D Magazine has a list of 10 things Texans can enjoy this year at their State Fair. Some of it sounds awesome, some of it sounds gross, but all of it sounds interesting.

I can't wait for the New York State Fair. Hopefully we'll have some of this stuff.

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