Food-A-Bago started 19 years ago as a way to help families in need through the holiday season. We wanted to do what we could for Broome County CHOW. None of the success over these past years could have happened without the help of our listeners.

We're just the messengers, you are the ones who come through with the food and cash donations to fill the warehouse of Broome County CHOW and help feed families in need.

This year, we asked Broome County CHOW to park one of their (very large) trucks next to the camper to help accommodate the ever-increasing grocery cart challenge. That turned out to be a good decision. After four days of food donations, the truck was close to full, with the ever-busy weekend about to begin.

The good folks at Broome County CHOW took the truck on Friday, emptied the food in their warehouse and brought it back. The total weight was just over 8200 pounds of food. Between Friday midday and Monday morning, the truck was filled again. The total of food topped out at 22,783 pounds. That's just over 11 tons of food!

Add the 10,000 dollars in cash and checks which translates to 40,000 meals.
Each dollar buys four meals. Each dollar equals five pounds of food. The total number of meals from cash and checks comes to 40,000. The total number of meals between food and money comes to over 58,000 meals!

We have never seen this much of an outpouring of generosity in the 19 years of the Food-A-Bago food drive.
All of us at Townsquare Media Binghamton (99.1 The Whale, 98.1 The Hawk, Kiss 104.1 and 1290 WNBF) are speechless. You made this happen, and you are greatly helping families in the Broome County area. Thank You!

Check out the pictures and some of the grocery cart challenges... Food-A-Bago 2019.

Looking forward to Food-A-Bago 2020.

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