The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all sorts of problems for different companies. Some factories and businesses had to shut down which had major effects on their inventory. Others like the toilet paper industry, had no way of predicting the amount of supply that would be needed after people started hoarding toilet paper when the news of the Coronavirus first broke.

People start at scoffing up cleaning supplies like crazy. I know my wife an I went to about three different stores looking for a bottle of Clorox, or even generic bleach to do laundry with. Bottled water was also hard to find in some areas including here in Binghamton for the first few weeks of the outbreak.

Dr. Pepper announced on their Twitter page that they understand that there is a shortage of Dr. Pepper in many grocery stores at the current time. They say that all of the flavors of Dr.. Pepper have been affected in this shortage, but that they are working as fast as they can to restock stores across the country.

After seeing the tweet from Dr. Pepper, Charmin, the toilet paper company replied with a tweet saying “Welcome to the club. We feel your pain”

A few months ago there was talk of a shortage of tin cans which people were predicting would mean a shortage of sodas and beer. I'm not sure if that's what's contributing to the Dr. Pepper shortage or not.

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You know after hearing this, there are going to be people heading to the store to buy up whatever Dr. Pepper they can get their hands on, just to sell it online at a huge markup. I hope the people that do this can't sell any of it online, maybe that will teach them a lesson.

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