Let's get real for a minute... having been in the military, I know a couple of things off the bat. One of these things, is that the military does a good job of not only training individuals on how to fight if they have to, in order to control a situation. Moreover, they do a good job of training Soldiers/Airmen/Sailors that they're all set after the instruction they've received in the few months of boot camp. This is not only very incorrect, but it is also very dangerous.

I've always said that police, military, and any first responders should train themselves further than what they learn in academy. It's important for them to realize that "I'm a [marine/soldier/officer/etc], I've been trained!" means exactly nothing. What it does mean, is that they are probably in good physical shape, and there is always something to be said for athleticism. However, you were trained a total of what... 3 weeks? 3 months?

I've been at this for 14 years, and 8 of them have been with Jiu Jitsu. I recently received my first degree black belt, and instructor certification in Combat Jiu Jitsu. Not to turn anything in to a one-upping contest, but I guarantee that I know worlds more about how to control situations with joint manipulation/etc than any first responder does with mere months of training. Everyone should inform themselves, everyone should train for that one "what if" moment. If for nothing else, they will gain confidence. Confidence that will easily translate to de-escalating a situation before it even becomes a physical issue. But, if it does, you know that you can easily handle it.

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