Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you are falling off a cliff, mountaintop or maybe a tall building? I used to have those horrible dreams on a regular basis. Not sure why.

Someone once told me that if you wake up before you hit bottom, you will be fine, but if you do hit bottom in your nightmare dream, you will perish. Okay, thanks for that bit of false information. Or at least I think it's false. I've never hit bottom.

I've had nightmares of falling off a tall building, a cliff, out of an airplane (with no parachute), and for some reason, a tower. Maybe a radio tower? I don't remember  exactly, or why I would be on top of a tower to begin with.

Of course, there have been many incidences where someone has fallen off something for real and were either injured or worse. How many times have we heard of someone falling at the Grand Canyon? It happens every year.

Speaking of falling, or almost falling, one teenager has got to be very happy she didn't have to experience what could have been a terrible fall from a ski lift. The 6ABC website out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reported that a teenager who was skiing at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua, New York had a scare as she ended up dangling by her jacket from the ski lift she was riding on.

The 6ABC article states that she was hanging for close to two minutes, but thankfully was rescued by the ski resorts' quick thinking ski patrol, using a tarp to break her fall. And the best part is, she walked away with no injuries. You can see the video in the 6ABC article.

Having a nightmare of falling is one thing. To experience it for real? No thank you.

via 6ABC.com

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