Autumn officially begins Saturday with the Autumnal Equinox. And according to YouGov, 84% of people say they like fall weather.

I like all the seasons even though I must admit I wish winter was only a month-and-a-half long. I think each season has great qualities. I don't mind the snow in the winter, but it I hate when the temperatures drop below 30°. And by the time February rolls around, I'm always hoping for an early spring. I enjoy spring once the warmer weather gets here so we able to do things outside after a long cold winter. Summer is great with all the outdoor activities as long as it doesn't get too warm. My favorite summertime weather is sunny and 74 degrees.

I am definitely in the 84 percentile and here's why. I like fall when the air is crisp yet it's not too cold. I like the changing of the leaves, even though I hate raking leaves. The early part of the fall is nice because you can still golf and do things outdoors. Fall to me means football season, hockey season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

October itself is always interesting in our area because you could have a nice sunny warm day one day, and the next day it could be snowing. October is always jammed with lots of activities as well including all the Halloween themed events, The start of the Binghamton Devils' season, high school football, and of course Oktoberfest. I've been looking forward to our Parlor City Oktoberfest since last year's event ended.

So whatever you're into during fall, enjoy it.

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