I'm always looking for a good deal. Sometimes that good deal turns out to be not so good, or it's not exactly what I ordered. My mother keeps telling me to stop buying stuff online, but it's so easy and so fun. She is not a fan of online purchases or paying bills online either.

I am very cautious how I make my online purchases. If it's on eBay, I tend to only buy from their certified sellers or someone or business that has had a lot pf transactions with a very high satisfaction rate. But what about online places where it's just an individual trying to sell an item or a few items like through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist?

If you are buying locally, you at least can see the item before you hand over your money. I recently took a look at what's on sale in our are on Facebook Marketplace just to see if anything catches my eye, and I found a few interesting things for sale.

Odds & Ends of Facebook Marketplace

via Facebook Marketplace

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