This certainly is a turbulent time we are living in. Nothing you don't already know. I think 2020 will go down as a very troubled and controversial year.

The pandemic that we've been experiencing has gone on for over three months now. I was just talking with a co-worker about the fact that that it's hard to believe it's been that long. The end of March all of April, May and the first half of June have been a blur for me, and probably for many others.

Confusion about what is right or wrong, how to protect yourself and others, and the differences of opinion has been overwhelming. As we have heard many times, we are living in unprecedented times.

While New York and Pennsylvania seem to have gotten things right, other states are not doing so well, including California, Florida and Texas. Some states require you to wear a mask when going out in public, including New York and just this week, Pennsylvania's Governor Wolf stressed again that residents in the state must continue to wear face masks whenever they visit a business, no matter what phase the each county is in.

Although according to a report from Yahoo!, AMC Theaters say they won't require guests to wear masks when their theaters reopen. Such conflicting messages can be confusing.

As for the Governors of New York and Pennsylvania, how do you think they are doing, guiding us through this pandemic? Both have certainly taken charge, whether you agree with how they have been handling the situation or not. New York Governor Cuomo's daily briefings have received coverage worldwide for his take charge efforts.

Since I live in New York State and visit Pennsylvania every weekend, I will continue to abide by the rules of wearing face masks when going into a business until I'm told it's safe enough not to.

via Yahoo!

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The Pros and Cons of Wearing A Face Mask

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