A lifelong fisherman from Plymouth, Massachusetts named Wayne Nickerson has spent 35 years of catching lobster in The Northeast. He’s only ever caught one other lobster like this blue one. These lobsters evidently only occur 1 in every 2 million. Even when they are found they are usually not even close to as bright and vivid as this one!

According to ABC News:

Wayne Nickerson, a commercial lobsterman for the past 35 years in Plymouth, Massachusetts, was behind the wheel of his boat, F/V Windsong, when he spotted the lobster in a wire trap.
He immediately called his wife, Jan Nickerson, and told her to meet him at the dock.
“He let out a loud exclamation of excitement,” Jan told ABC News. “He was very clear about how excited he was.”
The 2-pound lobster, whom Jan immediately named Bleu, was only the second rare blue crustacean Nickerson has caught in his career. The first time was in 1990, according to Jan. "