We've all heard them, whether you are an employer or just a co-worker. Excuses for being late to work. For those of us who work in the greater Binghamton area, what excuses can there be? I can think of a few, although I don't know if it would be believable by my boss.

What excuses have you heard from employees or co-workers? What  excuses have you made for being late to work? Let's hear them!


  • 1

    I got all the red lights on North Street, Endicott

    Does it seem the lights are red for a long time on North Street? And of course you get stopped at every light.

    Photo by: JordiDelgado, ThinkStock
  • 2

    There was sun glare near Kamikaze Curve

    Oh yea. Traveling east on Route 17 in the morning when the sun is directly in front of you and the pavement is wet. That will slow you down big time!

    Photo by: marigold_88, ThinkStock
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    I hit a deer on the Parkway

    Yep. We've had an employee hit a deer on the Vestal Parkway. Seems odd, but we've seen them crossing.

    Photo by: RyanVincePhotography, ThinkStock
  • 4

    Vehicle damage in the Parking Ramp

    They blocked off the lower levels where the damage occurred, so I had to park way up on level 8, and it took time to get in to work!

  • 5

    It's road construction season

    Isn't I-81 always in construction? Down to one lane, and man, it's was backed up for miles!

    WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo