Today is the day of our neighbors helping neighbors food drive where we are asking for monetary donations to be donated to Broome County CHOW  (The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse) through MusicForTheMission.Org.

We understand that times are tough and some people can't afford to give money at this time. We understand that.

If you can't give money but you still want to help, one way to do so is to share this message on your social media accounts. Even if you can't personally donate money, one of your friends might be able to and they might feel inspired to do so if they see you are supporting the cause.

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And when it comes to the donations, we're not asking you to donate more than you have. Every dollar counts and that's not just lip service. For every dollar donated, CHOW can buy five meals.

There's other ways you can come up with money to donate as well. If you have returnables sitting around, you could always take them to either The Can Man, The Neighborhood Redemption Center, or any other place that takes returnables, and donate the money you get for returning your cans and bottles.

With the stay-at-home orders in place, I have not been driving as much as usual. I basically drive from my house in Endicott, to the station here in downtown Binghamton, and then back home again at the end of the day. I haven't been traveling to see family or friends and I haven't been driving to trivia once a week either, so I'm using the money that I would have spent in gas and donating that to CHOW.

To the women who are not having their nails or hair done at this time, maybe you can donate some  of that money you put aside from each paycheck for the salon  and donate some of that.  To the men who aren't  going bowling, to the casino, or out to the bar, maybe you could take some of the money  you would have spent in those places and donate it.

All the money raised through our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive will stay right here in Broome County to help feed your neighbors. They may be friends or yours or maybe even a relative of yours who's using CHOW just to get by.

A lot of people are in a rough patch right now and are turning to Chow for the first time ever. When it comes to getting through the covid-19 crisis you need your health, food, and water.

As the saying goes, “we are all in this together”, so let's rise to the occasion. If everybody can do just a little bit, whether that's donating money or sharing this post on your social media accounts, we will all get through this pandemic together.

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