Eric Clapton has made it well known that he enjoys taking vacations for Iceland for fishing trips in the summer. Mostly, he fishes for salmon, and this year he has caught the largest salmon in Iceland (so far)! Check out the size of this monster:

Credit: Vatnsdalsá

According to

To begin with the salmon was quiet in the pool, but after it found out that something strange was happening the fish started to run down the river. Both the angler and the guide had to run fast down the river and it kept going for about 1 km after going through 4 pools. Two and a half hour later they manage to land that fish and it was measured 108 cm which is the biggest salmon this year.
Both the angler and the salmon were totally done after this fight but both the angler and the salmon recovered after few minutes. The picture is showing Eric Clapton which was the angler with the fish and of course we congratulate him with this fantastic fish. "

What do you think of this catch? What is the largest fish that you've caught?