Everyone expected gasoline prices to continue rising with Memorial Day weekend approaching but the prices posted in Endicott caused some people to do a double take.

The sign at the soon-to-open Byrne Dairy & Deli on East Main Street on Thursday was displaying hard-to-believe prices of nearly 10 dollars a gallon for gas and diesel.

As it turned out, the prices are not what people will be paying when the convenience store launches operations next week.

Byrne Dairy vice president Christian Brunelle said the electronic display was turned on and tested to ensure property formatting of the prices.

Promotional signs posted along the street entice drivers with a "gas special" promising an opening price of $3.999 a gallon for regular. That price will be offered for customers who enroll in the Byrne membership program.

The signs indicate the discounted price will be available from May 25 through June 10.

The Endicott Byrne Dairy & Deli store will offer discounted gas as part of an opening promotion. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
The Endicott Byrne Dairy & Deli store will offer discounted gas as part of an opening promotion. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Brunelle said the Endicott store is scheduled to open at 6 a.m. Wednesday. He said he expects the first day of business will be busy, not only because of the gas price promotion but because this is the first Byrne store in the Binghamton market.

The $3.999 sale price for "members" will represent a substantial discount as gasoline prices are still rising on an almost-daily basis. A nearby Endicott convenience store on Thursday had a posted credit card price of $4.959 for regular.

For your amusement: Watch my report where I conveniently neglected to mention the store opening price special! (I hadn't spoken with the Byrne Dairy representative at that point.)

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