How many movies and television shows have featured a person accidentally being left behind? The most famous of course is the Home Alone series. I think there are about five of those movies.

And if I remember correctly, there was an episode on 'The Office' where Jim left Michael behind at a gas station. Michael had no wallet or phone on him to contact anyone. And I think there was one episode where Michael was also left behind at a rest stop.

Well, that sure could be a nightmare in real life and I imagine it's happened from time to time. As a matter of fact, it just happened Monday (3/21) in our area. According to the New York State Police, one of their officers, Trooper TJ Conklin was called in to check on a person at the Whitney Point rest stop on I-81.

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Upon arriving, he located an elderly person who had been accidentally left behind by his family. According to Trooper Conklin, the gentleman had left the vehicle during the rest stop to stretch his legs, the family didn't realize he had done so and resumed their journey. The gentleman left behind didn't have a wallet or phone on him to reach his family.

The New York State Police Facebook post mentions that his family thought he was asleep in the back seat, but didn't discover he was missing until they were about three hours away, and when Trooper Conklin was able to finally connect with a family member who in turn contacted the family the elderly gentleman was traveling with.

It turned out to be a scary situation that turned into a happy ending, thanks to Trooper TJ Conklin. Check out the New York State Facebook post and complete story below.

via New York State Police Facebook

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