Whenever I eat dinner in front of the TV the same thing happens, disgusting commercials come on. Whether its a doctor taking care of someones foot fungus, or those commercials about quitting smoking that show a black lung, or a person with rotting teeth, or a video of open heart surgery.

Do these really need to air around dinner time? Last night I was sitting there enjoying my spiedie sub and a commercial comes on for maxi pads. Usually these aren't too bad, but the one I saw last night was talking about different sizes for different flows. Yeah, that's what I want to hear about while eating dinner.

I have no problem with commercials. Commercials are a good thing. They inform you about products, where you can get them, and if there is a sale going on, they can help you save money.

My favorite commercials are the funny ones. Like the Geico commercial with the pigeons on the electrical wire where the one pigeon says to the other pigeons, "Fire at will". He was telling them to poop on the guy that standing underneath them. And the pigeons ask him how he knew the guys name was Will? He tries to explain that it's an expression, like fire away. While he's explaining it, Will walks away and one of the pigeons goes on to say, "There goes Will, Bye Will".

That commercial might be bad to watch while you are eating as well because you might start laughing and choke on your food.


[via You Tube GEICO Insurance]

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