I remember Easters from when I was a kid. We would get some time off from school and it was called "Easter Break", not "Spring Break". Anyway... The week of Easter we would color eggs and that always seemed to be a big deal for me when I was young.

Easter morning always started the same way. I would be at the top of the steps yelling for my parents to wake up so I could go and see what the Easter Bunny left me. I would run right for my basket. It was the one with the blue in the handle, and it was always on the left. In the center was a huge basket for five of my siblings, and my sister Ann had her own basket. Hers was always to the right. Ann and I got our own because we were the youngest. The youngest of the other five kids was five years older than us so they had to share.

I remember looking inside at all the jellybeans, M&M's, (both peanut and plain) and chocolate eggs wrapped in foil. Also in the fake plastic grass, there were always big solid chocolate things like rabbits, crosses, and eggs. There was always at least one white chocolate rabbit in one of the baskets. I'm not a big fan of white chocolate.

I remember I would eat candy until it was time to go to church. Then I would go to church, come home and eat candy. Then we would have a huge dinner with all the kids and my parents around the table, and then I would eat more candy.

Is it just me or did the M&M's taste better after laying in that fake grass for a few hours / days?

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