And how was your weekend? If you are a football fan and your team was in the wildcard playoffs, how did they do? Since my New York Giants failed to get in this year, I have set my sights and will continue to root for the Buffalo Bills during the playoff season.

I normally don't pay attention to playoff games that don't involve any teams I'm interested in, but this weekend, I watched all but the late game on Sunday. I found it to be relaxing for the most part, and isn't that what weekends are for?

Well, except for one game. And that game was the wildcard game between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts. Many thought it would be an easy game for the Bills, but as we saw, that didn't happen and it all came down to the end of the game. I got too caught up in the whole thing, and will most likely do the same when the Bills host Baltimore this coming weekend.

Football wasn't the only thing I watched this weekend. I finished binging a couple of shows on streaming services, and while surfing the cable channels, I stumbled on an event I've never seen before. It was a drone racing event. Apparently it's a popular  thing now. Who knew? Apparently many people, but not me.

It looked pretty interesting. I have attempted to fly a small drone before, leading up to a disastrous outcome, so watching these pilots maneuver these drones quickly through or around obstacles was impressive.  And I understand one of the online gaming services even takes bets on these drone races in states where it is legal.

My weekend ended on a high note. Don't laugh, but for a long time, I've wanted to own a glider chair and ottoman. I don't know why I like these chairs, I just do. Maybe it has something to do with getting older? So finally the decision to buy one became a reality. But it doesn't just glide back and forth, it also swivels. Now, how could I not make a purchase with that added feature? And so I did.

The set of glider chair and ottoman (which also glides) will arrive in three to four weeks. The pressure of waiting will be tough to bear.

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