In a press conference at Dorchester Park on Wednesday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar and members of the Broome County Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Planning officially opened the park's new fully accessible boat launch and playground.

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Dorchester Park
Credit: James Kelly/WNBF

In addition to the playground, the park now features an ADA kayak launch and a beach wheelchair available for residents to make Whitney Point Lake more accessible for people who previously may have struggled to enjoy everything the park has to offer.

Dorchester Park
Credit: James Kelly

"You know we have beautiful parks here in Broome County, and this is one of our crown jewels of the county park system right here at Dorchester Park," said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. "Visitors from all across Broome County and even in other counties come to this park to boat, swim, fish and play here."

Garnar also said "Now that we've installed these accessible parts of this park, everyone that comes to Dorchester Park can enjoy everything that the park has to offer."

When asked about the inspiration for making these updates to the park, Stephanie Brewer, Senior Planner of the Broome County Planning Department, said "In 2019 Broome County Planning, DPW, and Parks worked together to develop the Broome County Parks Plan, and in that we did a lot of public outreach and some of the comments we heard from residents in our communities said they wished our facilities were more accessible and age friendly."

Garnar also noted that the project was funded through a state grant, so local Broome County taxpayers did not have to foot the bill for the upgrades to the park.

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