There's nothing quite like winning money. Unfortunately, I haven't won any in a long time. Maybe it's because our radio station and company are the ones giving it away and I'm just not eligible to win.

I could give it a try to win money through other venues like state lotteries, casinos or those surveys at the bottom of your receipt that tempt you to fill out the survey and be entered into a 1000 cash giveaway. Yea, I'm just not interested in surveys.

Well, as you know, or maybe you don't, Cash Call is back with The Whale, giving you the opportunity to win anywhere from 500 to 5000 dollars. Three winners each weekday through September 28th. The thing is, it's pretty simple to participate.

We announce a code word (yes, just one word, but different each time) three times each weekday on 99.1 The Whale. Those times are 7:10am with Jim Free, 12:10pm with Nikki Cruz and 4:10pm with Don Morgan.

You have up to just before 7pm each day to enter those three code words in the appropriate box through the link on our website at It's so easy and simple, why wouldn't you want to give it a go? You can enter each code word when you hear it, or wait until we announced the third code word at 4:10pm, and then enter all three words.

Or you can wait until just before 7pm Eastern Time to enter all three in their separate boxes. We know you lead a busy life, and that's why we make this so easy to play. Listen for the code words and enter than through our website. Gott love it. So, go play and hopefully win up to 5000 dollars!

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