Have you received your stimulus check yet? That is, if you are getting one. I keep checking my online banking checking count but there are noting but cobwebs in there, at least for now.

My wife and I are both eligible, so that's a total of 2400 dollars coming our way to spend on anything we want. Well, at least that is the theory of the thing. Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way.

As soon as that money hits my checking account, something will break. I already have some things that need repair, and that stimulus money would help fix these issues, including repairing and re-attaching gutters that fell off during the great snowstorm of 2021, a couple of pieces of siding need to be re-attached to my house after a wind storm a couple of weeks ago, and possibly hiring an exterminator to get rid of whatever pest is running around my attic, causing havoc.

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The steps that lead up to my front door are a mess. That will be priority one. And it won't be a cheap fix. My paved driveway is now more of a gravel driveway with ruts on both sides. It would be nice to have a flat, paved driveway again.

My wife's car sounds like it's ready to explode. Nothing a few thousands dollars can't fix, but recently a vehicle repair shop person suggested we'd be better off to get rid of it. Being saddled with a second car loan is not in cards right now.

If I had that money to spend on anything I want with the idea that nothing will go wrong that requires cash to fix it, I have some ideas. Probably the responsible thing to so would be to knock down some debt. But what's the fun in that? I would love to take a trip somewhere south or southwest. It's been a couple of decades since I've vacationed outside of New York and Pennsylvania.

But we all know the reality of it. Repairs will win out. At least we will get some cash to put towards them, so I can't complain.

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