Today marks the fifth birthday for one of my dogs. Happy Birthday Lance! Actually, his full name is Sir-Lancelot. No, I did not name him.

He goes by many names. Most of the time I call him 'Lance,' but sometimes I call him the 'Kraken', as in the sea monster from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He is a huge terror packaged in a small frame. Lance love to burrow under blankets, and when trouble is on his mind, he leaps into action much like the Kraken.

I adopted Lance about 3 years ago indirectly through a Greyhound rescue organization I belong to. One of the members of the organization knew of a family who had recently split up, and could no longer care for this little guy. At first, I was hesitant, but caved in.

Lance's breed is hard to describe. Some say he is a Whippet, some say he is an Italian Greyhound. Many who aren't familiar with either breed, think he is a just baby Greyhound. That is definitely not the case, although he does look like one. My Greyhound, 'Wizard' (racing name 'Lighting Lizard') is a couch potato, and Lance is just the opposite.

Lance is smaller than the average size Whippet and larger than the average size Italian Greyhound. No matter. He gets along well with his big brother, Wizard, although my Greyhound's patience sometimes wears a little thin. Lance has a lot of energy and is the kind of dog that knows hot to get out of trouble with that innocent look every time.

Today, he will get to visit a local pet store for his birthday, give customers and store employees lots of kisses (he loves everyone) and pick out a couple of toys and treats. I know he's hoping I look the other way, so he can stick his nose into the bulk dog biscuit bin which is conveniently situation perfectly for his height,  and grab a couple of treats before I catch him.

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