For all of our lives, we've been told that Valentine's Day is supposed to be a reminder of all the amazing things about romance. So, what's happened? Why is it now going down like this? Valentine's Day and the days surrounding the holiday have actually turned into a flurry of divorce filings.

It's not just our imagination that this time of year means lots of people are seeking a divorce. As a matter of fact,, a website that posts ratings and profiles for doctors and lawyers found that  Valentine's Day is the number one time of year that divorces skyrocket.

It's around this time of year that a lot of people take a step back and evaluate their marriages, realizing that the romance they once had is now dead and they simply can't wrap their head around the thought of one more Valentine's Day choking down a heart-shaped box of chocolates with the person who irritates them so much. And so, they pull the trigger on their marriage.

Divorce filings jump to nearly 40% around Valentine's Day, compared to the previous six months and Kelly Chang Rickert is a divorce lawyer who says there are two main types of people who cause the Valentine's Day divorce rush,

"[There are] the 'delayed New Year's resoluters' who are moving forward on their resolution to be single, just a month late . . . and the 'waiting to exhalers' who file for divorce [because] of their spouse's actions on Valentine's Day."

Cary Cheifetz is a divorce lawyer in New Jersey and he has another theory on why people get divorced in mid-February.

"People wait until they know what their spouse's bonus and income situation will be in the new year."

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