I have to admit I am surprised and extremely disappointed with this years New York Knicks team, there's no other way to say this, they stink.

When the season started back in October, I saw some new life in the team, with their #4 pick in the draft Kristaps Porzingis, Carmello Anthony coming back healthy, and new acquisitions Robin Lopez and Arron Afflalo, I thought we would at least make the playoffs.

The team battled for the first half of the season, when they were 22 all and looking like a possible playoff team, then like a switch was turned on that instantly put them into losing mode, they have lost 22 out of 28 games.

The firing of Derek Fisher did little for the teams make up, as they continued to find a way to lose games down the stretch with no constancy on either side of the ball.

Most sports fans know you have to accept that your team will have bad years, but Knicks fans have had way too many losing seasons, so is it time to point fingers at the management of this organization?

I think Phil Jackson will turn this around next year, but he'll have to do it with free agency because they don't have a first round pick this year..

Carmelo Anthony has to be kicking himself for throwing away several good years of his career with a lack luster team that continues to blow games.

So with11 games remaining, here we go again, home that is, and wait for next season.

Signed an unhappy Knicks fan..

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