Tonight is the Yankee Captain's last appearance in the MLB All Star Game. Derek Jeter will be honored and then bat first.

This marks the halfway point in Jeter's last season in baseball and the end of an era.

Gone are the days of a player being with the same team for 20 years, not having his face splashed all over the tabloids or creating controversy by putting something stupid on social media. Gone is the "class" that Jeter, Cal Ripkin Jr., Tony Gwynn and others were known for.

Gone as well is a single "face of baseball." Every baseball fan knew Jeter. Even non-sports people knew him! We are now reduced to regional stars, but no "national" stars. At least I can't think of one...and I am a lifetime baseball fan.

So what happens to the face of baseball now? I guess time will tell.

The Yankees are both the most loved and hated team in sports. It's no surprise. And neither is the fact that no matter how much you hate the Yankees, you have to respect #2.  He earned the respect and gives it back.

Here is a tribute to DJ that has gone viral. Enjoy! oh...and don't forget to check out the game, including pregame festivities, at 8.


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