For many years now, my wife and I have had life insurance policies. We figured it was a good idea for when one of us leaves this earth, and to not have to worry about finances and paying for funeral and burial expenses, if that's the route we take. We're still discussing the choices.

As you know, when we get older, monthly life insurance premiums go up. Much more for me than my wife, and I'm at that juncture where the monthly premium is about to skyrocket since I'm getting to a certain age.

So, my agent suggested a new plan that would get me through the next 10 years with low monthly payments. But it's not quite that simple. I have to go through a process and be approved by the life insurance company for this new policy.

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And that means a blood test, urine sample and an interview with an agent. Okay, the first two are not a big deal, and the interview process should take about 20 minutes or so. I can handle all that.

Well, that's what I thought, and I was wrong. The interview process probably would take only 20 minutes if I had no medical history. But I do. And for every visit to the hospital, every diagnosis and every prescription, brought on several additional questions. I swear, I answered about 100 questions.

The phone interview took 55 minutes to complete. I thought my ear was going to fall off. And if it had, I'm sure I'd have to mention it and then be asked many more follow up questions.

The interviewer was patient and kind with me, so that was one good thing, but I don't think I've ever gone through a process like this in my life. Unfortunately, I think I will be turned down due to a type of condition that runs in my family, so it might have been 55 minutes of wasted time.

I told my wife, if I don't get the policy, when it's my time, just had me over to science and save money. She was not amused. Oh well, just a suggestion.

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