I don't bowl much, but when I do, I'm there to drink beer and make a fool of myself because I suck at bowling. That just made me think of the "stay thirsty my friends" commercial. I think the best game I ever had was when I was in a fun league and bowled at Mid-Way Lanes in Vestal. I rolled a 220, but other than that one lucky game, I'm lucky if I manage to hit 100 and if I do, that makes me happy.

Ben Ketola of Preble (which is just outside of Syracuse) just had a 300 game while doing "Speed Bowling" at 281 Bowl in Cortland and would you believe he accomplished it in just 87 seconds?!? Ketola raced from lane to lane using a different ball on each of the ten lanes, using lanes one and two twice.

Ketola, who works at the bowling alley, told the Post-Standard of Syracuse that he "honestly wasn't expecting to do it."

In case you're wondering, Ketola carries a 225 average.

I wouldn't mind trying "Speed Bowling" as long as it also involved "Speed Drinking".

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