My friend Ron approached me this summer about joining his fall bowling league at Midway Lanes in Vestal. I've known Ron for years and I was his go-to sub and his golf league this year at En-Joie. So when he needed people to join his bowling league, which is made up of many of the guys from his golf league, I was one of the first ones he called. As soon as he asked me, I told him no.

I'm not much of a bowler even though I do on my own shoes and a ball and I have been in a couple of leagues in my life. But when it comes to bowling, I'm really just there for the beer.

Due to the virus a lot of members that have been in the league for years decided not to join this year. So instead of just doing away with the league altogether, Ron turned it into mini coed bowling tournaments every week. He needed an extra couple to play on Monday night so he would have an even number of teams. Being that his wife Debbie works with my wife Chris at NYSEG, she asked Chris if the two of us would be interested in bowling Monday night. I told her that I wasn't going to join the league full time, but I would be willing to go and bowl to help them out on Monday.

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It was my first time going to a bowling alley since the Coronavirus outbreak started in March. When you walk in the door you can immediately see the precautions that Midway Lanes put into place. They had sheets of plastic hanging in between each of the tables at each of the alleys.

Chris and I didn't to use house balls because we have our own, but for people that had to rent balls, one of the employees at Midway Lanes helped them with that. They would ask him what size ball they needed, sanitize that ball, and then let them use it. We had to wear masks at all times and keep from getting within 6 feet of each other. The bar was closed, but the wait staff made sure we had our thirst quenched.

Being that it was the first time I bowled in over a year and a half, I bowled like crap. Not that much of a bowler to begin with, but I was ridiculously bad. With the safety protocols in place, we all felt safe and we had a good time. I just don't know if I should take lessons, or donate my bowling ball and shoes to charity, and never look back. One thing is for sure, I won't be going bowling every week.

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