Can I brag about the community I grew up in? You may have been there and enjoyed all that it offers. That community is the City of Corning, New York.

Okay, technically, I grew up just outside of Corning, but it along with the Village of Painted Post are my hometowns. These communities are where I spent most of my time as a teenager from middle school to college.

I graduated from Corning-Painted Post West High School and attended Corning Community College. Both the city school district and college are great places for learning. That's a big factor for families when they are considering where to live.

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You may think of the area as a small community, but it offers more than many communities much larger in size. For example, Corning is the Glass Capital of the World thanks to Corning Glass Works, which is now Corning, Inc.

Corning has the world-class CMOG - Corning Museum of Glass, which is a fantastic place to learn and see all kinds of glass, and you can make your own glass as well. Take it from me, It's a lot of fun. And the gift shop is amazing.

Corning is the home of the Rockwell Museum which is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. It's an amazing museum of American Art. It's a must for anyone visiting the Corning area.

And of course, there's Market Street, which is basically the main street of Corning, and unlike many communities, where there are lots of empty storefronts, Market Street is full of unique and interesting shops along with great places to eat.

Enquire Magazine chose Corning, New York as one the best small vacation towns in America to visit. Corning definitely is a tourist destination. On any given day, you will see people visiting from all over the world to experience all that this small community has to offer. Check it out for yourself! I'm proud to have grown up in the Corning, New York area.

Corning, NY - A Great Place To Visit

via Esquire Magazine

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