As you know, the plastic bag ban in New York State went into effect on March 1st. Then, the cornonavirus pandemic came calling, and lawmakers to put a temporary halt on the use of plastic bags for businesses in the state.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will provide a thirty day notice to businesses in New York State to begin enforcing the plastic bag ban.

The report states that the NYS DEC won a lawsuit this week that was brought on by the plastic bag industry. The industry was attempting to block the law ending the use of plastic bags in businesses in New York State.

Not sure when the ban exactly begins again, but for me, it's not really an issue. I have been bringing reusable bags when I go shopping for groceries. Although in Pennsylvania where I have been spending weekends and vacations at camp, the grocery stores are still using plastic bags. Some argue that reusable bags are not safe for their employees to handle during the pandemic. So, their current policy is,either have the cashier bag your groceries in a plastic bag, or if you bring your own reusable bags, you need to bag your own groceries.

I don't mind bagging my own groceries, but since I keep forgetting to bring my reusable bags into Pennsylvania, I end up with the plastic bags. For me, it kind of works out since I use those bags for picking up the lovely presents my dogs leave behind when I take them out for their many daily walks.

via The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

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