When I was a kid TV was only in black and white, and my parents severely restricted viewing time...after school or evenings only AFTER homework was done and you had finished dinner (everything on your plate), except Brussel sprouts.  I would rather sit in my room without TV than eat Brussel sprouts.

I digress, some of the favorite TV Classics and there are way too many to mention here are listed in this post.  Others that my brother Mike and I enjoyed included; The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Fireball XL-5, Popeye, Felix The Cat, Get Smart, Lost In Space, and Mission Impossible.

Have you wondered why a lot of these shows are either making a comeback or being discovered by a new generation?  Could it be that today's TV shows just don't have the same qualities of shows from the past.

They don't have the same "family feel" or moral quality as a Dick Van Dyke or an Andy Griffith.

Are the lessons taught by those shows outdated?  Apparently, society doesn't think show...

Look back at these TV classics and see what you think...

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