Select issues of Marvel Comics titles will put some of the publisher's best-loved characters in the middle of classic rock album covers later this year.

TeamRock reports that the variant covers — five of which have been announced in all — are scheduled to arrive in comics shops this September. Although specific dates haven't been announced, previews of four covers are already online.

Mike Hawthorne and Nathan Fairbairn contribute Guardians of the Galaxy #9, which sees Rocket Raccoon striking a pose that should be immediately familiar to anyone who's ever seen a copy of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Damion Scott handles Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #2, which uses lettering and iconography similar to the mass-market cover for Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. Marco Rudy, meanwhile, took obvious inspiration from the Clash’s London Calling for the cover of Mighty Thor #23, and Daniel Acuna paid homage to Blondie’s Parallel Lines with his cover for X-Men Blue #11. Plans call for the variant lineup to be rounded out by Mike Del Mundo’s cover for X-Men Gold #11, which will be posted at a later date.

You can see them below.

Marvel's classic rock covers arrive after the publisher made a significant splash with several rounds of hip-hop-inspired variants, which launched in 2015 and paid tribute to more than two dozen classic records from the genre. Given that the earlier lineup grew to include so many more covers, there's no reason not to think we won't see more rock records given the Marvel treatment in months to come. Start placing your bets now.

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