Remember the days of buying film putting in into your camera taking pictures, and then waiting up to a week to see the pictures you actually took?

I remember taking the film to get it developed, it would take a few days, and then you got it back and carefully looked over one picture after another to see how it turned out.

While camera sales are down, there are more and more pictures then ever thanks to the camera technology featured in I-Phones, I-Pads, I-Pods, etc.

We can snap hundreds of photos and instantly upload them to social media; we can take our devices to the local stores and have then printed out as hard copy pictures as well as on a home printing set up.

Gone are the days of flash cubes, film, and the lengthy processing time to develop a set amount of pictures for most of us.

I took about 50 pictures of my granddaughter the other night on my I-phone and sorted through the best ones while deleted the rest.

My dad worked as a film slitter for G.A.F. here in Binghamton for many years, he had a super 8mm film camera that he bought from their store and we took a bunch of movies throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s.

No sound and limited amount of time for each segment.

Today I can point my I-phone and shoot a video with sound and much better quality and store it on a hard drive or upload it for viewing in a matter of minutes.

I know professional photographers still use film, but on a consumer level we are seeing the end of camera’s as we remember them.

Isn’t is ironic that the very things we used to create memories are becoming just a memory.

Check out some vintage camera commercials including Ansco (GAF) The plant that was here in Binghamton for years.