New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been criticizing local governments, mainly downstate, for not enforcing occupancy and mask-wearing requirements to curb the spread of the coronavirus.  



Binghamton Mayor Richard David, meanwhile reports late last week and over the weekend, City Police and Fire officials did random COVID-19 compliance checks at 20 restaurants and bars and found no violations. 

A West Side, Binghamton bar has been linked to Broome County’s big spike in COVID-19 cases and the City having the most cases of any municipality in the county followed by Vestal and Johnson City. 

Mayor David says the City has been advised that the New York State Liquor Authority conducted additional compliance checks downtown and on the West Side and also found no violations. 

Binghamton Officials plan to be out again this week conducting random checks. 

Establishments like bars and restaurants risk losing their liquor licenses or closure if they violate the limit of 50 percent capacity, six-foot distancing and enforcing that patrons and staff wear face coverings. 

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