The engines of The Whale's Time Machine are revving up and ready to blast into the past. Hop in the passenger seat and let's set the time to 1982.

Wow, that was the year I returned to The Whale, after a two year trip to the lovely city of Elmira, NY. I'm a world traveler. Or at least a Southern Tier traveller.

That was also the year a rock band named Cinderella was formed. Or should I say a hair band? The group formed in the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The original lineup consisted of Tom Keifer, Eric Brittingham, Tony Destra and Michael Shermick.

From their beginnings to 1986, there were some personnel changes within the band, and in 1986, Fred Coury joined the group as their drummer. Fred, of course, is a native of Johnson City. That's Johnson City, New York, not Johnson City, Tennessee, just in case you were confused.

The band continued to experience departures and additions over the years, recorded four albums, went on many tours, and after a long run, called it quits. But never say never, right?

For this week's Classic Rock Pick, let's look in on Cinderella, performing Don't Know What You've Got 'Till It's Gone, in concert.

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