This past Saturday, my wife and I and a couple of our friends headed down to Montrose to the tenth annual “Chocolate and Wine Festival”. This was the first time that I ever heard of it.


I had no clue what to expect. I thought we were going to go to a gym or a big hall or something. As we were driving into town and my G.P.S. was saying that we were arriving at our destination, I asked my wife what building we were looking for? She said it’s not in a building it’s outside.


So we pull up and found a place to park right up the street. My wife and our friends Lisa and Doug had purchased the tickets on line so they had to show their cell phones for us to get in. We were handed a class with a chocolate ball in it (the size of a gumball) and that was the only chocolate I saw all day.

Wine fest flyer


There were a bunch of food and craft vendors, live music and wines from all over Pennsylvania. We had a great time and the weather was awesome.  But again,there was  very little chocolate. If you go to a themed wine tour on one of the Finger Lakes, they give you wine that goes with the theme. We have gone on a few of these like the Wine and Pasta Tour. They would give you a sample of a pasta recipe that paired well with that featured wine. I was really thinking the “Chocolate” and Wine fest would have been the same way.


We are already talking about going back next year. I’m looking forward to it but I think they should either get more chocolate  or change the name.


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