Chickenfoot will release a new song as part of Best + Live, a career-encompassing set that's scheduled to arrive on March 10. "Divine Termination" is the first new song in five years from Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith, whose most recent album, Chickenfoot III, debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard chart in 2011.

"Listening to this collection of songs from the 'Foot brings back memories of some of the most fun I've ever had in a band," Hagar said in a press release. "The chemistry between Chad, Joe, Mike and me is very special. It's almost like visual music – you can see us having fun when you listen to these songs."

A complete track listing for Best + Live is below. The in-concert content, which dates back to a 2009 show in Phoenix, was previously available on the DVD/Blu-Ray Get Your Buzz On, but has never been released on CD.

Best + Live follows a long-awaited reunion held last summer at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe, where Chickenfoot debuted "Divine Termination." Satriani describes the song as “bone-crunching, hell-raising rock, dripping with attitude and vibe. Just the way Chickenfoot likes it!"

Chickenfoot, 'Best + Live' Track Listing
CD1 (Best of)
1. "Divine Termination"
2. "Soap on a Rope"
3. "Sexy Little Thing"
4. "Oh Yeah"
5. "Get It Up"
6. "Future in the Past"
7. "Big Foot"
8. "Different Devil"
9. "Lighten Up"
10. "Dubai Blues"
11. "Something Going Wrong"
(Bonus live tracks)
12. "Highway Star"
13. "Bad Motor Scooter"
14. "My Generation"

CD2 (Live)
1. "Avenida Revolution"
2. "Sexy Little Thing"
3. "Soap on a Rope"
4. "My Kinda Girl"
5. "Down the Drain"
6. "Bitten by the Wolf"
7. "Oh Yeah"
8. "Learning to Fall"
9. "Get It Up"
10. "Turnin’ Left"
11. "Future in the Past"

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