Veterans Day was this past Wednesday November 11th. Every Veterans Day at the New York State Veterans Home in Oxford is a special day. Any other Veterans Day would have been celebrated at the Oxford home with dozens of visitors who would gather for a meal with their residents. But due to Covid-19 restrictions, there was no group meal planned this year.

According to USA Today, Kristen Slate, who works as a recreation therapist at the veterans home, decided to try and make this day special for the residence, including the 18 World War II veterans that live there. She posted pictures on Facebook of a couple of their residents holding signs asking for people to send them cards and letters in honor of Veterans Day. Slate was blown away from the overwhelming response. According to the report at least 3,000 cards and letters were received from all over the United States. Well wishes arrived from as close as Chenango County, and from as far away as Washington State, California, and Florida.

I'm so glad this worked out the way it did. These men sacrificed so much being away from their families and many of them risked their lives in combat to protect our freedom and to protect the freedom of people around the world. I think it's so important that we show our gratitude to all our service men and women whether they served in combat or in peace time.

When our service men and women came home from World War I and World War II they were treated like heroes, and rightfully so. Military personnel returning from Korea and even more so Vietnam, did not receive that same treatment. That's why I go out of my way to thank all veterans especially those who served in Korea an Vietnam.

That's why I was so happy to see that the Veterans that live in the Oxford facility received so many cards and letters. We should thank our vets everyday, not just on Veteran's Day.

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[via: USA Today]

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