If the clouds over the Binghamton area hold off long enough tonight, you will get to catch the “Super Worm Moon”.

According to Fox 13, the Super Worm Moon is the second full moon of the “supermoons”, which are every full moon between February and May this year.

Last night, while we driving down Rt. 17, I saw the moon beginning to rise up over the trees. It was huge and it appeared to be very close to the Earth. Chris and I commented a couple of times about how bright the light from the moon was last night.

When I took my puppy out last night before going to bed, the moonlight was so bright, it pretty much lit up most of my backyard in Endicott. And even this morning when I took the puppy out before I left to come here to the station, the moon was still shining brightly in the Western sky.

Well as it turns out, last night wasn't even a full moon. The full moon, which by the way is the last one of the winter, will be tonight and will appear to be slightly larger then the other "supermoons".

Will we be able to see it across the Binghamton area? Maybe. The weather forecast for tonight, according to WBNG, is Partly Cloudy for the 8 and 9 p.m. hours, then mostly cloudy after 10.

[via Fox 13 / WBNG]

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