With election day just a few short weeks away it seems like every candidate is trying to dig up as much dirt on their opponent as they possibly can. I for one would like to see them focus on what they can do for the people they are trying to serve and not what their candidate has done in the past.

This morning I had a Strange But True Story about a city council candidate in Evanston Wyoming. I found the story on KUTV CBS 2 Salt Lake City and it said the candidate's name is Deborah Reno. Well, now it looks like she may bow out of the race after her secret identity was discovered.

It turns out that she was making money online doing stripteases under the name Mystee Crockett. And she was also selling her used underwear and gym shorts over the internet to guys with those types of fetishes.

She was quoted by CBS 2 Salt Lake City, KUTV as saying; it was "an error in judgment" and "if you want to run for public office, probably not a good idea".

Of course, her opponent, Mikal Welling, is blasting Reno saying that what she was doing goes against his personal moral and standards. It appears that Reno also owns a massage parlor and teaches yoga. Click here to see some pictures.

[via KUTV]

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