It's been over two months since we first heard about the Coronavirus. If you watch the news at all, everyday there's an update on the Coronavirus, new areas that it has spread to, and new death tolls as well.

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This morning I found this article on the Global Times that concerned me a little bit. According to the report, you can catch Coronavirus from someone's flatulence. It is highly unlikely, but yes, it is possible.

If a person is infected with the virus and they pass gas, it could put you at risk. But the report says it's not very likely to happen, because they say you would have to get a good close sniff, and the person would have to be naked, because pants and underwear should be enough to act as a shield.

I don't know if I'm buying that pants and underwear bit. We all know a couple of people personally, that could peel the paint off the wall with their farts. I don't think a pair of jeans, much less a pair of tighty whities, is going to keep them and their bionic flatulence from spreading the virus.

I'm going to have this story pop in my head, every time I walk through a cloud that someone has left behind while crop dusting.

So far, knock on wood, there has been no confirmed cases of the virus anywhere close to Binghamton. We hope it stays that way.

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